Where it all began

The City of Manchester and the Clay County Genealogical and Historical Society have teamed up to create one of the most exciting historical sites in eastern Kentucky with the re-creation of the famous Goose Creek Salt Works at the site it occupied in the mid-1790s, when it was one of the state's most important industries.

This was also the site, in April 1807, where the newly formed Clay County came into existence, which made the salt works the first county seat, and the center of government for the huge territory of SE Kentucky that encompassed all the headwaters of the Kentucky River -- North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork -- and their tributeries, including adjacent Goose Creek.

The site was situated squarely on the famous Warrior's Path, the early Indian trail used by Kentucky's first explorers, including Dr. Thomas Walker, who passed by the site in 1750, and Daniel Boone, in 1769

The cabin at the right in the photo is the recently restored Cotton Cabin, one of the oldest log cabins in Kentucky, which dates from the 1790s, around the time the salt works started producing salt commercially. Interpretive signs shown in the photo will lead visitors through the entire history of the site when it is completed in the summer of 2012. Click for more details.
Work Continues at Goose Creek Salt Works historical site