Follow the numbers
1. Manchester City Hall
2. Clay County Library
3. Historical Society
(upstairs over library)
4. Administration Building
    -- County Clerk
    -- County Judge
    -- Sheriff
    -- PVA Office

5. Court House
6. City Parking Lot
7. Veterans Memorial
(and additional parking)
8. Heritage Pavilion
(not shown in photo)
9. Langdon Building
(oldest in city)
10. City Police Station
(and 911 center)
In the areal photo above Richmond Road (U. S. 421) goes through the center of town, leading off to the left (north). Running at an angle from bottom right corner to the courthouse at top left is Main Street. Note that Main Street runs up an incline (Courthouse Hill) although it is not apparent in the photo. If parking is not available along Bridge Street (between the library and City Hall) it is only a short walk from the City parking lot (#6), or from another parking lot adjacent to the Veterans Memorial (#7).

It is approximately one mile from the center of town to the Hal Rogers Parkway (off to the right). The City's beautiful parks, Rawlings/Stinson, and Bert T. Combs Recreation Park, are off Richmond Road (off to the left). Most of the commercial activity in and around Manchester, including shopping, motels and restaurants, is near the Manchester exit of the Hal Rogers Parkway and at Garrard, a short distance south on KY 80/421.

Manchester Memorial Hospital is off Richmond Road (off to the left); Eastern Kentucky University Manchester Campus is off the "Four Lane" (that leads to the Hal Rogers Parkway, off to the right). Oneida Institute is located at Oneida, 18 miles north of Manchester on KY 11.
Where to get info
Information about the City of Manchester and services provided by the city may be obtained from City Hall (#1). Records, including marriage, deed, tax and other records, may be obtained at the County Clerk's office at the Administration Building (#4). The Circuit Court Clerk is located at the Courthouse (#5). General information may be obtained from the library (#2); genealogical and historical info from the Clay County Genealogical and Historical Society (#3).